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Sunday, June 8, 2008


The 3rd Annual International PEBA Blog Awards
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Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards, Inc.
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The Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards (PEBA), Inc. is a non-profit, non-stock organization of international Filipino Bloggers located from different parts of the world & duly registered in Securities & Exchange Commission and Bureau of Internal Revenue.  It has grown to have liaison offices in the Middle East, South East Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and North Africa. 

Originally, PEBA serves as an award-giving body that recognizes and honors the exemplary work of blogging Filipino Expats and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW); to present their blog work and bring out their creative talents through the power of cyberspace.

It has evolved to become a respectable new media network through its affiliate KABLOGS, the gateway portal of PEBA, Inc., an online journal of OFW experiences and stories.

PEBA is engaged in Blog Awards for both local (Philippine based bloggers) and OFW and Expats Bloggers (International), and the International OFW Photo contest.

PEBA deliver social services through the following

1)          PEBA Scholars, an adopt-a-poor-kid-to-school program in partnership with a nonprofit US based organization, the Believe International, sending poor Filipino children to school. We have a number of students that we are sending to school, assigning each one with volunteer mentors to teach them correct values and follow up on their grades at school.

2)          PEBA Help, OFW’s proactively gave assistance to the OFWs in distressed, utilizing the Internet to report actual events right where it happen, when it happen; refer OFWs and their families to appropriate inter-governmental agencies and seek the cooperation of other non-governmental organizations to address the needs of the Filipino migrant workers.

3)          PEBA Cares, another social project of PEBA that visits and donates to orphanage, home for the aged, and conducts environmental bloggers event.

4)          Partnership of PEBA and Kablogs with the RMN radio program Bantay OFW of DZXL RMN News with Usec Toots Ople, president of the Blas Ople Policy Center where KABLOGS members from around the world provide up to date news and current events related to OFW concerns and issues specifically identifying distressed Filipinos.



Founded by Mr. Jebee Kenji Solis, the organizer of KABLOGS, a blogger and an OFW based in Saudi Arabia; PEBA was launched on July 1, 2008 to recognize the growing popularity of blogging among Filipino expatriates and Overseas Filipino Workers(OFWs).

Being an OFW blogger himself, Mr. Thoughtskoto (as known in the blogging world) witnessed how expatriates and OFW’s artistically narrate their sob stories, trials, opinions about their host countries, work experiences, families, thoughts and musings, Philippine politics, etc., in their blogs. Thus, recognizing their efforts was a fitting a tribute.

He later tapped the support of some bloggers to be his partner in the project. Pete Rahon, an OFW based in South Korea; Lionel Gonzaga, an OFW in Dubai; and Nereus Jethro Abad, an OFW based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; became the founding members of PEBA, Inc.

Owing to the success of the 2008 Top10, PEBA 2009 was launched more visibly this time. Almost simultaneously, around 50 blogs posted the announcements of PEBA 2009’s launch. Support from as faras Canada, USA, Australia, Middle East, Europe, South East Asia,and even the Philippines. Hundreds of “SUPPORT PEBA” banners were likewise displayed online by several prominent bloggers.

Some of the biggest brand names (i.e., Nokia, Smart Telecommunications and Western Union) sponsored to stage the event. While other policy institution, social media giants and hotels(i.e., The Ople Policy Center, Friendster Philippines, and Traders Ho05

Manila Office:Mobile Numbers:        Pete: 0917-733-7152     

Representative Office:

North America  
907 Elgin St. Apt. 1
San Lorenzo, CA 94580
Tel. No.: +1510 397 3329 

Middle East
Badaman’s Place Condo Unit 223-A
Jeddah Saudi Arabia 21422
  Tel. No.:   +966 2 674 4592

PEBA Liaison Offices are now present in Europe, North Africa & South East Asia-Pacific




1. Annual International Blog Awards

2. Aggregation of International Filipino Bloggers (KABLOGS,
3. Education Program Adopt-A-Poor-Kid-to-School scholarship through partnership with Believe International Foundation
4. Lobbying for Governmental Welfare Protection through Executive, Legislative and Judicial patronage.
a) Migrant Protection
b) Housing & Loan Programs
c) Re-integration Program, Skills Development
d) Prosecution of Illegal Recruiters
5. Campaign for OFW Moral Regeneration and Value Formation
6. Participate in Global Policy Development through active leadership of Filipino Bloggers in their respective host countries
7. New Media Network
8. OFW Alliance Action Center
9. Protection of Freedom of the Press & Information
10. Creative Writing Development among theYouth

Action Process and Advocacy

1. Recognize

a. Search for outstanding Blogs among Filipinos living and working abroad.

b. Stage an awards event.

c. Hold public exhibition of Photos of migrant workers.

2. Strategic Partnership

a. Partner with companies through sponsorship.

b. Seek cooperation with other NGOs aligned to PEBAs advocacy.

3. Inform & Involve

a. Provide platform for all Filipinos to learn and be informed of the plight of our migrant workers.

b. Utilize cyberspace to search for news, publish news and stories & report events using video blogs.

c. Lobby with Philippine government on executive, judicial and legislative agenda to safeguard the welfare of Filipino immigrant workers including pursuing active campaign in the global community.

4. Solution & Action

a. Establish referral action center where OFWs or their families could inquire and seek help.

b. Utilize cyberspace to network appropriate agency (local or international) through leadership of various Bloggers who are leaders in their respective host countries.
5. Social Entrepreneurship
a. Implore Internet Marketing, digital advertising and product promotion through blogs, social media and other Internet platforms.
b. Create income generating activities to provide funding for the advocacy.
6. Inspire & Blog It
a. Promote awareness of migrant workers by encouraging Filipino Bloggers from around the world to write articles, video blog and talk about life’s experiences.
b. Create high-level of awareness among the youth through networking HS & College Students to participate with blogging, creative writing and essay writing contest.
c. Conduct inter-school debate, forums and webinars to discuss social issues of our time.

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