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Monday, January 31, 2011

The 2010 PEBA Best International Photos of the Year

The PEBA 2010 Organizers is pleased to announced the Top 10 Winners of the concluded PEBA 2010 International Photo Contest Awards. As we indicated before, the Top 3 winners will receive trophies, gift packs and certificate from our sponsors. Our winners from 4th to the 10th will receive a certificate by email, or they can get the sealed certificate from our PEBA volunteers in Manila. Please email for more details in claiming the certificates, gifts and trophies.

Rank 1

will receive a gift certificate worth P30,000.00 courtesy of the prestigious John Robert Powers International Modelling School, and a certificate and trophy. 

by Roger Alfonso, a Civil Engineer from DUBAI, UAE
Interpretations/Short Explanation: Manuel, an OFW welder in Dubai showing his tough job

Rank 2
will receive a gift certificate worth P25,000.00 courtesy of the prestigious John Robert Powers International Modelling School, and a certificate and trophy. 
 by Clien Tolentino, a sailor hailed from Surallah South Cotabato
Interpretations/Short Explanation: "Rehas sa gitna ng karagatan"

Rank 3
will receive a gift certificate worth P20,000.00 courtesy of the prestigious John Robert Powers International Modelling School, and a certificate and trophy. 
 by Dodeth Vergara, a Public Relation Officer based from Singapore
Interpretations/Short Explanation: "Ngiting Tatak Pinoy" a Filipino bird trainor after the show was still beaming his sunny smile.

and each will receive a certificate

Rank 4

Rank 5

Rank 6

Rank 7

Rank 8

Rank 9
will receive a gift certificate worth P5,000.00 courtesy of the prestigious John Robert Powers International Modelling School, and a certificate. 
Also, the Most Liked Photo entry.

Rank 10

Our sincerest apology for the late announcement of the competition results, to all the winners, their representatives and friends, and the contest participants and photo enthusiasts who has endured the confusions and disappointments on our failure to announce the above winners during the PEBA Awards Night.

In behalf of the PEBA Organization, I admit that words are not enough to comfort the emotional pains, and I apologize in complete humility and beg forgiveness for the inconvenience and embarrassment that this event has caused to the participants and followers of the PEBA 2010 International Photo Contest as I pray for your forgiveness and magnanimity.

As we move towards a new PEBA season and in consultation with our sponsors, we are exploring the possibilities of holding a photo exhibit presenting the Photo Contest Winners of both PEBA 2009 and 2010 along with the participants of the upcoming 2011 PEBA Int'l Photo competition.

Lastly, our deepest gratitude to the PEBA volunteers, supporters, Partners and Sponsors of the concluded PEBA 2010 that despite of our imperfections you have indicated your commitment and support to PEBA Inc. as we prepare our 4th PEBA Annual Awards.

May our flaws and imperfections provide us individually and as a Team the potential to improve and build ourselves with our own sheer power and will, and with the help of others as well; as we continue with our mission in reaching out with our Global Filipinos through the acts of volunteerism.

Mr. Jebee Kenji Solis
Founding Chairman, PEBA, Inc.

©2010 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards


The Pope on January 31, 2011 12:34 PM said...

Congratulations to all the winners of this photo competition. May your winning contributions in this event inspire our fellow OFWs to join your ranks as photo enthusiasts and hopefully as professionals in the field of photography as you capture and preserve the beauty and motion of life.

Life is Beautiful, Keep on Inspiring.

Bhing on January 31, 2011 7:33 PM said...

congratulations to all the winners!

hats off to the supporters, sponsors and volunteers.

Anonymous said...

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