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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Small Act of Kindness

We would like to thank our sponsors, especially Nokia, Smart Communications, through Smart Pinoy, AraVista Village, Social Security System, and John Robert Powers along with many other donors and supporters.

This is what you feel when you are humbled and overwhelmed because of the goodness of others. 

We thank our supporters who donated for our Adopt-A-Poor-Kid-to School Program from around the world. We have still pledges from many good people everywhere. This June 2011, we might have the chance to bring back to school several students, pay for their one year tuition, books, and school materials, as well as a few hundred for each of their private tutoring and monitoring so we can make sure that they will do well at school. 

These small act of kindness from these wonderful and selfless people is creating a lifetime of goodness and inspiration to the lives of these deserving kids, and their poor families. 

Thank you. Thank you for believing. Thank you very much from the OFW bloggers and the whole PEBA Family. 

A video of our scholars

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Anonymous said...

These happen because people believe in you guys.

Keep spreading the goodwill!

Good bless you more...

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