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Sunday, February 14, 2010



From our humble beginnings in 2008 with a desire to unite the Global Filipino bloggers by building an aggregate and directory site at, the phenomenal growth of our members and supporters have given us new feathers in our wings to fly and reach for greater heights and crossed borders.

(Kenji added a puppy in this post, hoping you will take KABLOGS like a puppy, cuddling and tickling, and yes, feeding, as part of your daily OFW or blogging experience. )

Today, as we observe the Valentine's Day, reciprocating to our readers and our love for our fellow OFW members and supporters, we are proud to welcome you all to our new home:

Our new domain serves a broader purpose as we shift from our traditional aggregate blog site to an active blog organization highlighting each blogs as distinct in bringing their human side to life and through its diverse talents as Global Filipinos forging a powerful partnership in pioneering advocacy geared towards national unity, peace and development and volunteerism as embark on plan to embark on our journey to worthwhile and meaningful community projects this 2010.

We still have a lot more to do. We intend to make our website to be more informative which will showcase the first class blogging talents of our Kablogs OFW and Support members and we have now integrated a discussion forum which is now on its 'beta' stage and in few days we hope to bring you a fresh new look and feel as we enlisted the help of our distinguished PEBA 2009 winners.

We'd like to thank The Pink Tarha, the beautiful ladies - Sundrenched, Eyecandy. Maryhadalittlehump and Sugarfree for the very generous donation of domain to our growing global blogging talents.

As you update your KABLOGS links, we would like to thank you - members and readers for your support and unbridled enthusiasm to our community for the last 2 years. We hope to receive your love and support for our new domain and we welcome your questions and suggestions on what you'd like to see, let us know by leaving your comments below or you may contact us at



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Kablogs President


Kablogs Vice President

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Monday, February 1, 2010

A New Leader from the Votes of the OFWs

"Let the new leaders of our land rise from the votes of the OFWs"

This article, a compilation of thoughts from some of the best and brightest PEBA and KABLOGS bloggers was originally posted at the Philippine Online Chronicles, and


For decades, we've been lauded as "Bagong Bayani" as a recognition by the same government who has caused our mass exodus into foreign lands.

Let's breathe the title of modern day heroes and accept its appended challenges and responsibilities. Despite our distance and diversity, we take pride in being a part of the Filipino abroad’s global recognition as shapers of the world.

Now, the time has come to unleash the heroes within us as the majestic sun rises in the East and its rays of hope shines upon our nation this coming May 2010 election.

This is a call for our collective voice in the 2010 election. We encourage all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families to actively participate and be part of our country’s historic electoral process.

For several years, we’ve made our presence felt in building our nation. In every single dollar remittance that is being delivered in our family’s doorsteps, we OFWs have helped in sustaining the Philippines’ economic growth.

Our experiences in and out the country have led us to become seasoned professionals who are now politically mature to discern what’s best for our home country. Now is the moment to make a difference. We are part of the 12 million Filipinos dispersed across the world and we can definitely make a difference.

We will solidify our stand to choose the right leaders fo

r our country. We will influence our family and loved ones back home, the recipient of our hardships and struggles abroad, to act too. We will guide them in making their choices this coming May 2010 because we believe that their actions will not only shape our country’s future but the future of the generations to come.

Our nation has suffered from the action (and inaction) of irresponsible and corrupt government officials but we must remain steadfast in our hope and desire of having a better country. Our nation is already battered and divided. This coming election, its fate resides in US.

If there is a time to live as modern day heroes, to make a difference as global Filipinos, to embark on something worth doing, IT IS NOW!

Let us empower ourselves as OFWs. With one voice and one heart, let's vote and get counted! Only responsible voters can bring responsible leaders in office on May 2010. Let the new leaders of our land rise from the votes of OFWs.

(We encourage all OFW bloggers to post this in your blog, FB Profile, Twitter, Plurk and circulate this piece to OFW and families email addresses. Thank you.)

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