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Friday, February 18, 2011

PEBA Cares

PEBA CARES goes to Bethany House Orphanage

“Sa langit. Nagdadasal kami para matugunan ang pangangailangan namin para sa lahat ng bata dito sa ampunan.”

(In heaven. We pray to provide our needs for all the kids here in the orphanage)

Those are the words from Sister Jess, the administrative incharge of the Bethany House when the PEBA 2011 Chairwoman asked here where do they get the budget in running the orphanage. The three sisters under the Archdiocese of Malolos Bulacan have 59 kids, ages five to twelve years old, 4 of them, small babies.

We feel great with the kindness and patiences of the sisters in taking care of these orphaned kids. During the conversation, Ms. Yanah and PEBA Volunteer Marco found out that the orphanage is consuming one sack of rice a day, and the local government is rationing them with 10 sacks a month. Which is really not enough. She also found out that during December, they have enough, and the sisters can stretch it until June. Once the rainy season comes, that's the time that they're having trouble sustaining the foods for the kids. That’s the time they start to really pray hard and seek for help.

The almost 60 kids have needs. They need to eat, have clothes, go to school, and live a decent life. Most of these kids are abandoned, they were just left anywhere by their parents, while some others were purposely left by their parents there at the orphanage for an obvious reasons - they can't sustain them. Yanah reported to the PEBA that "some of these kids came from the streets, were picked up by DSWD and brought to the orphanage. The nuns who runs Bethany, really tries their best to make ends meet for these children.  They feel the need to provide them with their basic needs, they feel the need to give these children not only their material needs but their love and care as well."

PEBA Cares is another social project of PEBA, along with PEBA Scholars, and PEBA Help. PEBA may not have that much budget, but we can do so much by appealing to our friends and fans to support our programs because goodness is everywhere and we believe that we can do so much to help and lift others.

The tentative schedule of the project to revisit the kids and bring them some help will be announced here as we appeal for support and donations . You can also purchase for the PEBA Scholars and PEBA Cares funds.

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Bhing on February 18, 2011 11:32 PM said...

PEBA Cares!

goodluck and God bless!

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