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Saturday, May 30, 2009


“The Search Project was initiated out of the belief that even without monetary prize, a mere recognition will make an OFW/Expats blogger happy, together with the instant “fame” that may come along with the winning. This presumption of the contest may be true and maybe not. Nevertheless, the joy of being recognized for being one of the top 10 Expats or OFW blogs and for inspiring the Filipinos in general and the expats and OFWs in particular would be enough inspiration to carry on one’s excitement and enthusiasm to continuously blog.”

Jebee Kenji Solis, Founder and Organizer


PEBA was launched on July 1, 2008 to recognize the growing popularity of blogging among Filipino expatriates and OFW. Being expatriate bloggers ourselves, we’ve witnessed how expatriates artistically narrate their sob stories, stories of trials, opinionated posts about the Philippine politics, etc in their blogs. Thus we thought of recognizing their efforts – not with monetary reward but an award of some sort.

About PEBA

The top 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog AWARD or PEBA is a search contest aimed to recognize and honor the exemplary work of blogging Pinoy Expats/OFW. PEBA wishes to present their blog work and bring their creative talents to light. We want to highlight the inspiring blogs of expatriates and learn from their lessons, their stories, and their work normally contained in their blogs.

Considered as "Bagong Bayani" (new heroes), we believe we ought to hear their voices and amplify it for the world to hear.

PEBA’s rule is very simple. We asked the blogging community to nominate their favorite blogs; we select the top 10 from various locations around the world and honor the winners with award badges and widgets.

We have sought for help from both popular and emerging Pinoy bloggers blogging about OFWs. Not surprisingly, only a few heeded our call for assistance – most of them are working expats and newly-emerging in the blogosphere. Still, we pursued with the contest. What amazed us the most is the dedication of those people coming from all parts of the globe: Korea, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, and the USA. And the bond that ties us together: we are unknown OFWs wanting to help fellow OFWs. Aside from the couple, Pete Rahon, Lionel Gonzaga and Kerry Blair are Kenji and Shiela's partner in pursuing the project along with some minor sponsors who posted the project to their blogs.

Bloggers of the round table

We were always in consultation with team members, through Chat Conference, since it was a small team. Works are easily delegated hence targets and output were achieved more quickly. We realized something: it is stimulating to work with creative minds. We were, most of the time, complementing and harmonizing with each other’s ideas making the global work and coordination a lot easy.

How has it fared?

As expected, the award left some bloggers dissatisfied while others expressed their comments – positively, vitriotically, both.

Overall, the effort proved to be a worthwhile endeavor. Through the first PEBA, we were able to discover a wealth of -- not only online information but -- inspiration. It is amazing to read stories of Filipino Expat and OFWs dealing with culture shock, with loneliness and their other issues akined living abroad. Aside from getting entertained, one who reads an OFW blog also get to read best practices, success stories and honest-to-goodness kabayanihan (heroic deeds) of OFWs. Truly, some OFW blogs and the stories that make them are truly remarkable and admirable.

PEBA is a TWIN to the founders first born

The birth pains of initiating PEBA as a twin to the founder’s baby girl (The Thoughtskoto’s first baby was born here in Saudi a couple of months before they launched PEBA) was a fulfilling experience -- fathering or parenting it. You just have to go to the process, journey on and in the end, get this feeling of achievement. Recognizing the Top 10 OFW/Expat Bloggers by their peers, for us, is very meaningful experience. Thus, we decided to pursue PEBA and take it to the next level.

We worked quietly and many were amazed how we managed to pull through a global search for the best Filipino bloggers. It was a collective effort by a dedicated team. We were questioned as to the integrity of judging but unknown to many we had a set of criteria and several Filipino bloggers who assessed the winning blogs. It is sad to note that some bloggers are so hung up with their popularity, but you see, we believed in the collective wisdom of bloggers to determine the best among their ranks.

Some of the established bloggers/individuals in the blogosphere who heeded our request to judge PEBA include the following: Ellen Tordesillas, Janette Toral, Avel Manansala, Kevin Ray Chua, Mark Agana, Aileen Apolo, Sandro Rafael, Jehzeel Laurente.

Results of PEBA 2008

The Final Results for the 2008 TOP 10 are here: who all proudly displayed the PEBA banner in their sidebars. Headed by Jim Paredes of Australia, the winners are from different countries with 6 OFW’s and 4 Expats.

Plans for improvement

Owing to the success of PEBA 2008, we launched PEBA 2009 more visibly this time. Almost simultaneously, around 50 blogs posted the announcements of PEBA 2009’s launching. It reached as far as Canada, America, Australia, Middle East, Europe, South East Asia, and even the Philippines. Hundreds of SUPPORT PEBA banners are likewise displayed online by several prominent bloggers.

Currently, we are in the process of incorporating PEBA as an official organization. In fact, PEBAs registration under the Philippine’s Stocks and Exchange Commission (SEC) is underway and we hope to finish it in a couple of months. Joining our team now and headed by Nereus Jethro, as the 2009 PEBA team President, as well as the original members, Pete Rahon, Lionel Gonzaga and the infusion of young and enthusiastic bloggers, like Reana Bautista, Azel Venerable, and a few others who works out of the spotlight. Currently, Kenji and the PEBA team is being advised and in consultation with the former president of the Philippine Blog Awards and prominent blogger named Noemi Lardizabal Dado.

KABLOGS - gateway to PEBA

KABLOGS (acronym for "Kabayan" Blogs) is a blog aggregator and directory built especially for Filipino Expats, OFW and supporters in recognition to the the global contribution of Pinoy Expats and OFW and their phenomenal presence in blogsphere. It also serves as the gateway to the PINOY EXPATS/OFW BLOG AWARDS or PEBA, honoring the best and inspiring Filipino blogs and bloggers abroad. 

With its own set of officers and with the social station and help center for OFW's, KABLOGS is like a PEBA arm in assisting distress OFW's and Pinoy abroad. KABLOGS was founded by the same PEBA founder and works hand in hand as a team.

PEBA 2009 in Manila

This year we hope to see face to face with those kindred souls behind the first PEBA award. Having created our mark in the blogosphere, we want to pursue the assistance of Pinoy bloggers to advocate for the cause and issues of OFWs. We believe in the power and potentials of bloggers and tapping these resources will eventually make PEBA 2009 more successful than its first year.

We are hoping to get sponsors and venue for a proper awarding ceremony somewhere in Manila by December 2009. Yes, PEBA 2009 will be coming home to honor its kababayans! We will not only entertain and inspire each other but we will proactively help ourselves and others.

In closing

The driving force and spirit in every OFW is the same spirit that guided PEBA: initiative and hardwork. We will continue blogging and addressing issues and concerns of OFW through our blogs. We will fulfill our civic duties as Filipino, as netizens and global citizens as well.

For the above reasons, PEBA 2009 is thus themed: “Filipinos Abroad- Hope of the Nation, Gift to the World”. Does it not truly embody the spirit of Pinoy Expat/OFW bloggers? We hope that PEBA 2009 will serve as an opportunity to solicit more support to address the concerns and issues of OFWs worldwide.

Mabuhay ang PEBA!

Mabuhay ang OFW!

It began as a leisure pursuit of an OFW blogging couple

It began at an OFW home in the eastern region of the Arabian Desert

In the desert where tells and tales, woes and challenges ensue endlessly

It became the Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards…”

- NJ, President, PEBA Team 2009

©2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

Thursday, May 28, 2009

KABLOGS STATION - Pinoy, OFW, and Expats Hang-Out

KABLOGS STATION is one way for KABLOGS and PEBA to gather the Global Filipino's as well as intermingle with the Pinoy's in the home front

Almost 4 days after its creation inspired by the dream of the current President Charlie, and VP George, as well as the men and women behind it, KABLOGS Station is one of the fastest and most active social network among bloggers now, with 41 members, and growing!

The thing about is this, its members are scattered across the world, from the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, USA, Afghanistan, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Singapore, and many other countries.

One inspiring thing, KABLOGS also being the gateway of PEBA is gaining more and more trust from the public as it serves as sumbungan ng mga Pinoy sa ibang bansa na may mga problema at kasalukuyang naghihirap sa amo, or sa trabaho.

and also about the to be the topic in an EB for a cause of the Saudi Bloggers DH Mother in Saudi Arabia.


©2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

Monday, May 25, 2009


Saturday, May 23, 2009


Si Engineer at ang kanyang WEBCAM by Ruphael of Dubai, talks about how heroic the act a fellow OFW, an Engineer has been doing for the betterment of other unfortunate Pinoy's in Dubai. Simple, yet touching that will inspire you to give your best in your own little way.

Bagong Bayaning Hi-Tech by LordCM of Palau is talking about the OFW's and their blogs as a medium to let go of boredom, homesickness and to spare time, but later realize that it build friendships and inspires others.

I, Witness by Chico of Dubai, talks about his life as a CPA and the effect of the current economic crisis to him, and how he was consoled by a fellow OFW, a janitor working in Dubai who gave his time and wisdom about the greater purpose of life.

They are just a few...but digest their thoughts and feelings and you will be encourage to share yours too. They are simple people, who lives simple and seemingly ordinary lives but willingly shared their stories and the stories of Filipinos abroad. 

Hope of the Nation? 
You maybe one of those 12 million strong OFW's, or maybe you are reading this and you are a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, a cousin, a friend of an OFW or Expats. OFW's don't think they are herous of the nation, I, for myself am busy working for my family and their future, but in so doing, I never realize that by giving my family a house to live, food to eat, send them to good schools, that they become the pride of the country I too dearly love. In a ripple of effect, we make or break a nation, collectively speaking.

Gift to the World?
I am working in a drinking water company. There are 6 Filipino's in our company, Carl, secretary to the Manager, Frankie - head of the Maintenance, Ricky - head of the Purchasing, Hector - head of the Production, Vito - head of the Delivery and Storekeeping, and I am heading the Quality Assurance department. Our Plant Manager is a Jordanian, a very good man. 
But can you believe it, a plant run by Filipino's with hundred's of labors from various nationalities? Filipino's excel in every good thing. We worked for money, yes. But in turn we give our very best to the host company and country we live in. No wonder they will keep progressing, while our country is continually sinking. But we will make this opportunity to learn and impart those knowledge we gained to the generations that inspires us - our kids, and their future.

Two of the nominated blogs that havent submitted an entry yet.

I invite all to join in PEBA, to make an entry, to take sometime to ponder what will be your piece, your gift to the world that might inspire those who will read it. We will wait for them. But the clock is ticking. The earlier, the better.

If I were you, I can post it now, then along the way, when inspirations and revelations flow freely you can edit your entry and incorporate it prior to the judging in November. Just don't change the link.


©2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Thank you to this wonderful people who volunteered judging the PEBA BADGE MAKING CONTEST and expect nothing in return
Sometimes its a wonder, people are so willing to share what they can do, sometimes their time, their very self and even their very best. You are added in the PEBA Home Site Links.
Thank you may not be enough, but thank thank you anyway.
Please nominate your favorite Filipino Expats/OFW Blogs now! Look up there...its free to nominate!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Good Evening Ladies and gentlemen, friends and pals, Kablogs and mates, fellow netizens in the world and to all the OFW’s and Pinoy Expats around the world. From our humble home in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, in behalf of the men and women behind the Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards we would like to present to you the winners of the PEBA Badge/Banner Making Contest.

 Magbibigay muna ako ng konting speech before the drum rolls.

 A few hours ago, two of my partners in PEBA sat in a round table discussion at the Sen Blas Ople Policy Center at Manila Philippines regarding the 137 Bus Drivers stranded in Dubai. The Thoughtskoto family, my friends in PEBA, and my associates in KABLOGS strongly condemns any illegal recruitment na nagsasamantala sa mga kababayang Filipino na walang hangad kundi ang makaalis ng bansa at makaahon sa hirap, at mabigyan ng magandang kinabukasan ang mga mahal sa buhay.

 The Blas Ople Center through my partners promised to support and sponsors the 2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards. My other partner also is currently in Manila processing the papers Insha-Allah (God Willing) for our SEC Registration and PEBA incorporation. One of the famous journalist and editor and online blogger, Ellen Tordesillas also displayed the banner of Support for PEBA.

 Ang munting pangarap ay patuloy na lumalaki at naggagain ng suporta. Maraming maraming salamat sa tiwala at pagsustain. Maraming salamat sa lahat ng OFW at Expats sa lahat ng sulok ng mundo. Maraming salamat mula sa kaibuturan ng aming puso.

 Now we go back to the winners…Let me speak on a personal note a few lines about this 6 wonderful people. I feel a sense of gratitude to all of you for joining and taking part in our first PEBA badge/banner making contest.

 Thank you Nebz, you are a wonderful and refine person. You have a kind heart, and a wise mind. Next year, sa ayaw mo at sa gusto, I am going to take your support to the PEBA Team. Next year the scope will be bigger and wider, that I will definitely need your support. If you guys are unaware, you can see the banner up there, the PEBA Banner is a donation from NEBZ. Thank you so much!

 Thank you Charl, this kind and heartwarming father is witty and yet sound in understanding. Please pakisabi sa panganay mo, hindi ka man makakabili ng kotse, you’ll bring the honor naman with you. Thank you. I can honestly say you are a blogger by heart, and a friend for life. Please prepare your entry for PEBA. Hehe, Sali ka na naman dun, may botohan na naman eh.

 Thank you Azel, you take your art work by heart, and you come up strong and credible. You have so much potential and thanks for sharing them to us.

 Thank you Jee, you’re definitely the youngest and the prettiest among the designers, hehehe, and definitely one of the freshest blogger too. But you showed to the world that you are willing to share in support for a worthy cause. Please join again the PEBA contest, nothing is really over until you stop trying.

 Thank you Marlon, for your kind words for the OFW’s and for joining our contest. You are the only designer who is not an OFW/Expats but you still come out your way in support for PEBA. Maraming salamat!

 Thank you Tutubi, you just join the blogosphere two months ago, so being the youngest blogger, I am grateful enough for your entry. You didn’t win, but you will be forever part of the PEBA as we inscribe our history daily.

 And these are the final and official winners of the 2009 PEBA Badge/Banner Making Contest 

4th Place Design No. 4 by JEE

 “Good and easily readable fonts, not too many extravagant and complicated effects. In short, simple but it gets the job done.”

“nice and clean lay out  but there's a feel of something is missing the text very small”

“Very simple and can realte easily on the totality of the badge, but need proper color hues.”

  3rd Place Design No. 1, 5, and 6 by

Nebz, (voted once as the No. 1 by a judge, and No. 4 in the Poll)

 “Simple, clean but the design lacks the impact to give the message or the theme ““Filipino’s Abroad: Hope of the Nation, Gift to the World.”

 Marlon  (voted once as the No. 1 by a judge)

 “The concept was again, good. It would have been great if it was presented, neatly and not in disarray. Its like too many things are going on, at one time.”


 Tutubi (voted twice by two judges as their No. 1 pick)

The image directly reflects and conveys the PEBA theme, however the font used in the PEBA theme need to be "bolder" in style.”  


2nd Place Design No. 2

By LordCM (No. 2 in the poll with 90 votes and picked by judges twice as No. 2 choice)

“Contains all the necessary data and has potential, but could have been presented better with careful thoughts.”

"While all the necessary images were presented into the badge, proper arragement is necessary to corellate with the PEBA theme." 

And the No. 1 Design No. 3 by Azel


Voted 5 times by 5 Judges as their No. 1 Pick, and No. 1 in the Poll

 Some of the judges comments:

“Well thought of, in respect to the theme. Just needs a little ironing, but presents itself outstandingly.”

“The designed described very well about her design and she describes it thru her poem. It really shows the situation on our nation and the said OFW.”

“Design number 3 is the best PEBA badge for me. “

“Simple, clean, good use of color combination while allowing the viewer to see the message within the banner and it shows the Global Pinoy. “

Congratulations po sa lahat ng nanalo. Next time we will post the rest of the comments from the judges as well as the judges profiles.



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