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Friday, May 6, 2011

Sponsors 2011

PEBA is a non-profit organization, with three major social programs.

·       PEBA Cares supports and conducts project for the Orphanage Homes, Home for the Aged, Disabled, and environment friendly events like tree planting activities.

·       PEBA Help is a migrant/OFW help center that supports distressed OFW’s anywhere in the world, in a partnership with the RMN News Bantay OFW Radio Program and the Blas Ople Policy Center

·       PEBA Scholars is a partnership with the Believe International, a non-profit organization based from the USA that supports poor but deserving Filipino kids to school. PEBA, through our sponsors has several scholars.

The rest of the donation will be used in the venue and rentals for
events, trophies, awards and the operating cost for the PEBA, Inc

The following are our PEBA 2011 partners and sponsors. 

PEBA Partners :

A place to connect with Nokia & Nokia fans from across the Philippines. Here you can find out all the latest news on Nokia products and services through previews, tips, tricks, offers and more.







The Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards (PEBA), Inc. is a non-profit, non-stock organization of international Filipino Bloggers located from different parts of the world & duly registered in Securities & Exchange Commission and Bureau of Internal Revenue. 

Over the span of 3 years, PEBA has gained international acceptance with over 300 active Filipino blogging members from the Philippines and across the globe who use blogs as their mode of expression where they post literary arts, anecdotes, photos, videos and other forms of multimedia. Our network of bloggers are using the social media to write and capture photos through a multi-faceted topics ranging from politics, entertainment, fashion, technology, travel and leisure, advice & support groups, environmental protection and other imaginable topics.

On our 4th year of recognizing international Filipino bloggers and photographers with this year’s theme, "Ako’y Magbabalik, Hatid Ko’y Pagbabago" (I Will Return, I Will Bring Change); PEBA 2011 aims to highlights the emotional journey of our returning Balikbayans as they share the fruits of their hard labor, their knowledge and wealth gained abroad to bring the change they want to be for their families, relatives, communities and country.

This event will be broadcast live through Internet Streaming and will be covered by international bloggers, podcasters, local and international press (including TV, radio and newsprint organization).   The awards night will be attended by vacationing OFWs while our 300-strong bloggers who are based in different parts of the world would be updated on this momentous event.   The video of the event would then be archived and posted in , , , KABLOGS and PEBA Online Magazine, The Kablogs Journal websites ensuring longer online presence.

The awards night will be held tentatively on December 10th, 2011 and the venue (within Metro Manila) will be officially announced in our websites as well in radio stations and leading national newspapers.

PEBA 2011 promises to be the most spectacular event of the year and we want to offer your business the opportunity to get involved. We are hopeful to build a long-term partnership with your Organization as our Sponsor and mutually we and our global members will promote your business as PEBA partner. 

If you are keen on sponsoring PEBA 2011, please download the Sponsorship Values here.

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kiko on May 6, 2011 2:57 PM said...

supports PEBA 2011

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