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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TOP 10 PINOY EXPATS/OFW Blog in the Voting Category

These are the TOP 10 Blogs in Voting category, after collating and finalizing results and percentage.

2008 Final and Official TOP 10 BLOGS  in the VOTING/POPULARITY CATEGORY

  1. Joro (Ronel) LivelihoodUK    
  2. Euroangel Grafitti, Germany     
  3. The SandboxSaudi Arabia   
  4. Writing on AirAustralia  &  Rey Ian's BlogJapan   
  5. Pansitan ni Ate SiennaUSA
  6. Pinay Hekmi Ponders USA         
  7. Pinoy In IraqIraq   
  8. A Grateful HeartUSA & Pamatay HomesickKuwait  
  9.       Sari-Saring Kulay, Japan
  10. A Chronicle of a Desert Prince, Kuwait  

The nomination will start on April 2009 for the Top 10 Pinoy Expats Blogs, and the Top 10 OFW Blogs. Please visit us often for more information.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The winners and the nominees of the Top 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW blogs award are already added there but if you have other sites to add, please feel free to leave a comment in the aggregator site.

Here are the post about it.

Thoughtsmoto is a blog aggregator in a hope to gather all Filipino blogs manage by Expats and OFW's around the world for an easy one-stop or one site visit by visitors.

Everytime a blogger updates his/her post, he or she will automatically be put on top in his/her designated location. As we expand we will do the aggregating by countries. Please spread the word! We hope to gather atleast a thousand Pinoy Blogs! 

You can also send me email of your blog URL or Feeds and your country of location.

Monday, January 5, 2009


For the sake of transparency to some who thinks we have our own agenda in choosing the winners, I am releasing the Criteria for Judging. If you go through the winners, I think without question, they deserve the honor. We are not just merely a popular contest, people can go to the site and vote for you, but there is a difference between blogging for popularity and money than blogging to inspire people to live better lives. There will be people who will question the process, but I can attest to the veracity of the ranking from the data’s that I received and the result is what it is.


Natatawa na lang ako kasi what if may monetary prize pa na involve? Recognition pa nga lang may nagquequestion na ng validity, haha. Pero ganun daw talaga. Di ba ang mangga sa tabi ng kalsada pag maraming bunga, susungkitin at babatuhin. So we are open to critics and doomsayers.


A -  Content                30%                                                    

1) contains write-up or articles regarding life abroad and enriches culture and heritage of the Philippines and the Filipino people

2) Inspirational and promotes peace and goodwill

3) Uniqueness –distinct characteristics, issues, concerns discussed, etc.


B – Blog Element       20%                                                    

1) Blog is visited and commented (interactivity)

2) Blog is updated regularly (at least monthly)

3) Creativity – lay-out/design, use of graphics, video, etc.


C)Visibility/Metrics    20%                                                     

1) Blog is linked with other bloggers and belongs to other bloggers community

2) uses/presence of blog devices (Technorati, Alexa, PageRank, social bookmarks)

3) blog content is searchable


D) Voting/Popularity  20%

E) Judges Vote           10%

Each judge was asked to choose their Top 10 Blogs from among the nominees.

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity na sabihin that nomination will be open again on April for the 2009 Top 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards. We definitely learn some lessons so valuable so that the next time we will be better na. Hopefully may venue na this December in Manila, at may sponsors na para kahit papaano may monetary prize din. Pero I am sticking to my original belief, it is not the monetary or material things that matters, and it is not what makes a blog and blogger the best. Sharing a part of you, making people happy and having fun while abroad and being recognized is the most important thing. Happiness and Joy, after all, cannot be bought or compensated. It is the free things in life that warms the heart…indi Kape, or Tsaa, Milo, or Gatas…


Saturday, January 3, 2009


1. Writing on Air, Australia

"Simply Jim Paredes blog!"

2. Pansitan ni Ate Sienna, USA

3. The Sandbox, Saudi Arabia

A judge commented " I like his quirky way of writing."

4. Pedestrian Observer, USA

"Got me in the streets observing"

5. Pamatay Homesick, Kuwait

"I love his paintings!"

"I'll read this blog when I go abroad. Medicine for being away from home."

6. Manilenya, Canada

"I do appreciate Filipino blogs...I love reading the content..."

7. Sleepless in KL,Malaysia

"Good writing and photos."

8. Sari Saring Kulay, Japan

"The blog is a well read..."

9. Mumsified, Malaysia

"It's navigable and fast loading!"

10. Rhapsody, Dubai,UAE

"The blog content is OK so as the network that she has."

11. Wits and Nuts, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Wits and Nuts voted 4 times to the Top 10, No. 8 in Blog Element, and No. 9 in the Overall Judges pick. I like her blog, I am also a Jane Austen fan. Unfortunately, she is just 0.8 behind to No. 10 One judge commented: "The site is good. I have just issues with the lay-out but the content is good!"

12. Joro Livelihood, UK

Joro Livelihood, formerly Ronel Livelihood was voted once in the Top 10, and although he is the No. 1 in the voting/popularity category, and No. 10 in the Over all Visibility and Metrics, his overall percentage points did not drive Rolly's blog to the Top 10. Still he is a winner of "The Most Popular Blog Award" One judge commented," Rolly's blog is so insightful and interesting but the site has very many widgets..." "It took a long time to wait for the blog content to appear."

13. Francesca in France, France

Francesca in France, Pinoy Expats Blog Award No. 1 blog in Europe, voted 3 times in the Top 10, once as No. 2 and No. 9 in the Overall Visibility and Metrics. Judges comments, "The blog is awesome and I want more Francesca! I like it" "Francesca's site is full of her stories. She shares to us her work and life." "Refreshing overall look. Witty and relevant articles. Does not fall into self-indulgence even as she narrates personal experience."

14. Rey Ians Blog, Japan

Rey Ian, recently went home after 4 seasons of teaching English in a school in Japan. Voted once as No. 1 in the Top 10 by one judge, and No. 5 in the Voting/Popularity Category, his other matrix did not help him to land in the Top 10. Still a judge comment about Rey Ian’s blog; I’m citing Rey Ian as my top 1. After going through all the blogs he seemed to be the most consistent content wise. Notable was how he managed to relay his stories about Japan from the point of view of a Filipino, from simple joys to adventures and even the hardships of living abroad. To me it was just uncanny and uniquely Pinoy.”

15. Pinoy X , Saudi Arabia

Mocs blog, of Pinoy X sa Saudi was voted 5 times to the Top 10. As the percentage points tallied, he is No. 11 in the blog content, No. 14 in the Blog Element and No. 18 in the Visibility, and the last in the Voting Category, that eventually pulled his percentage points down. "His posts are informative but the ads distracts the readers." "This blogger I bet is earning lots of money! But beware too much ads in your site turns off some readers." Judges comments about Pinoy X Blog.

16. Euroangel Graffitti, Germany

Ruby's blog was voted 3 times to the Top 10, No. 2 in the Voting category, and is one of our most frequent visitor in our blog. I personally like her blog to win. But I cannot manipulate the judges and the score sheets. She is Number 2 best blog in Europe region. Judges comments; " Feels like I am in Germany also." "A blog with a nice lay-out and so interesting." "I have observed that she has a lot of blogger friends especially OFW's."

17. Pinay Hekmi, USA

Tin-tin Hekmi's original blog in mychronicle is very insightful and inspiring. When she moved back to pansitan, we can't follow the link to anymore, so judges was directed to her new and few entries in Pansitan. Her blog was voted 3 times to the Top 10, and No. 7 in the Voting category. Judges comments; "I can relate with her blog.""I like the content of the blog. Still need to some new features in her blog to make it more interesting.""A simple yet insightful blog of Tin tin!"

18. A Grateful Heart, USA

I personally like this blog. Gratitude is one of the best attitude, I believe. But when the ads and widget peppered Shawie's blogs, it took too long for the post to finally appear. Voted 2 times, and Number 1 in Alexa and Number 2 in Technorati, still Shawie's blog did not make it to the Top 10. She is still grateful though for being nominated. Truly she walks the blog! :-) "The blog has a great content, but just a considerable amount of ads." "Always be grateful of Blessings from Him. Shout that you are Pinoy!"

19. Janeth Vicy’s Journey, USA

Janeth's blog was nominated twice in the Top 10, and though I befriended the blogger, her blog is currently undergoing renovation, that's why judges commented that the blog is "just too cluttered," "mabagal magload." Still Janeth Vicy and her story about her life's journey and recent marriage to an American, is a proud Filipina.

20. A Desert Prince, Kuwait

I personally like his blog. I consider Jay a blogging friend. I wished his photoblog and life in Kuwait as he chronicles it will win. A Chronicles of a Desert Prince was voted twice in the Top 10. "It's quite good. I am impressed with his topics that makes me relate to how an OFW survives his life away from his loveones" says one judge.

21. Evita in Europe, Italy

Evita is currently staying in Belgium, and her blog was voted twice in the Top 10. Her Adventure is mostly about her experiences abroad and her life all in all. "Nice blog. It's informative in a sense that it lets the readers know more about the conditions of our fellow Pinoys in Belgium."

22. Pinoy in Iraq, Iraq

Voted once in the Top 10, Pinoy in Iraq was formerly Astig Pinoy Iraq. It is a group of Filipino OFW's in Camp Taji, in the warzones of Iraq. It is such a tremendous challenge to live and work there but I still I am honored that this kababayan's managed to relieve homesickness through blogging. "The site has been very good when it comes to content. The big turn-off that it made was the hue of blue that he used in his layout. It hurts the eyes."

23. Filipino Life Abroad, USA

Voted once in the Top 10, Filipino life Abroad is a blog of a Filipino who married an American. The content is good as it is more about Filipino lives, and the challenges in living abroad, but judges commented about the lay-out and the fonts used. "A big NO NO to transparent blog post. The background pic distracts the readers from reading the blog post." " Lay out was magulo" " Can't read the contents"

Friday, January 2, 2009

Best Pinoy Expats Blog By Region

As per the Judges review based on Blog Content, 
these are the TOP 3 Best Blog by Region





(We will try to post the overall ranking of each nominees tomorrow)

The Search for the 2009 PINOY EXPATS BLOG will start on April 2009. 
Details regarding the nominations will be posted later.
Please keep coming as we aggregate the site of the sponsors, the TOP 10, the nominees and the judges and those who posted about this project.

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