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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This post intended solely to disclose the identity of the people behind the 2009 Project of PEBA for the sake of transparency and simplicity. We are aware that PEBA's incorporation is underway, and it is our honor to serve the OFW's around the world. Just as we did last year, when we introduced the men and women working behind PEBA, this year we are doing the same.

PEBA was launched the 1st of July 2008, over a year ago. Since then, good and great things happened through the support and trust of the many Filipino's, OFW's and Expats around the world.

Today, we broke one simple goal - to reach the 20 nominee list by the end of July. This very moment, even as we're still moving towards the end of the month, we already have 24 amazing, incredible, remarkable, talented, and yes, the best and inspiring OFW and Expats nominees.

Read their thoughts and musings, watch their videos and photos, feel the warmth and the tenderness and the kindness in their emotions, moved by the true stories and genuine challenges they face each day. From the tiny country of Palau, to the war zone of Afghanistan, and the blazing heat of Saudi and Qatar, and the beautiful country of Dubai, to the cold season of the down under Australia. Swing from Singapore to Japan and Taiwan. Learn from two Filipina thoughts from Europe, both expats in Italy and France as well as stories from Spain. Be captivated by the thoughts of two Filipina US base bloggers hailed from the state of California and Georgia.

This is PEBA. The one and only place where the best and inspiring blogs of an OFW and Pinoy Expats are showcase for the world to read, and to be honored.

PEBA Organizer & Founder
He is the Quality Assurance Department Head of Al Jazeerah Water Bottling Division AH Qhatani & Sons Group of Companies, a company based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. He has been in Saudi Arabia for 5 years with his loving wife Shiela and a PEBA baby named Hevyn.

The President of the PEBA 2009 Project is
He is the Head of Department of Harvest and Logistic Support Service of the Commercial Business Division of the National Prawn Company based along the Red Sea desert coast in Al Laith, Saudi Arabia. NJ is husband of a Trial Court Judge based in the Visayas region. They have three beautiful children.

Felix Jigs Segre serves as PEBA Program Director and Heads the Public Relations & Media Affairs. He is a former OFW, a seasoned international PR practitioner based in Manila and California. A recipient of 100 Young Leaders to attend World Bank's 1 Year Program on Knowledge & Development in Ateneo de Manila University School of Government.

serves as the Adviser in SPONSORSHIPS and STRUCTURES of PEBA 2009.
Momblogger is not involved in the setting of guidelines and will not be involved in the judging processes.
She is a prominent MomBlogger, new media publisher, and founder of She is also involved in advocacy and family recovery groups. She is also the former president of the Philippines Blogger Awards, Inc. She is wife of a lawyer based in the National Capital Region and they have 3 beautiful children, the youngest Luijoe is forever 6 years old.

We also have three beautiful and handsome volunteers as well
AZEL VENERABLE, REANA BAUTISTA, and LIONEL GONZAGA and many behind that would not want to be mentioned at the moment.

and the following area coordinators

a former OFW who used to be based in Saudi Arabia and South Korea, Project Coordinator of Change Politics Movement and Blogger.
He serves as PEBA Area Coordinator in Luzon/Metro Manila. He is also one of the original founder of PEBA.

is a lawyer based in Cebu City, and is the Executive Director of the Philippine Center for Media Advocacy. She is also a freelance journalist.
She serves as PEBA Visayas Region Coordinator

is a consultant on Media Affairs and a Blogger who is currently serving as administrator of He is also the webmaster of a Local Government Unit Website,
He was also a former OFW who was based in Kuala Lumpur and worked all over Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. He also worked for a Tuna Processing Plant in Lae, Papua New Guinea.

His high rating blog was borne out of the need of news about his hometown, which was scarce and far in-between back then. And if there were, they were mostly bad news.

He serves as PEBA Mindanao Region Coordinator

Thank you for your unfailing support!

©2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Growing Number of PEBA Supporters

We have a growing list of PEBA supporters.



and the most recent one,

Batang Henyo is one PEBA Supporter. He is currently base in Abu Dhabi, UAE and I ask his permission to quote some part of his post here.

"Dahil sa pakulong awards ng PEBA (pinoy expats blog awards), at sa paulit-ulit kong pagbabasa sa mga entry ng mga mahuhusay na ofw bloggers, na talaga namang nakakaantig damdamin ang konteksto ng kanilang mga isinulat, ay naramdaman ko ang kahalagahan hindi lamang ng pagsasakripisyo ko sa labas ng bansa kundi ng lahat ng mga Juan dela Cruz na nagttrabaho sa ibat-ibang panig ng mundo. Walang duda, tayong mga OFW, ay pag-asa ng bayan at handog ng Pilipinas sa mundo.

Bagaman iba iba ang paraan ng pagkakalahad, maging sanaysay man, video uploads, photo slides, may mga quotes na hiniram pa sa ibang author, pero di ko lang alam kung paano nila isasauli, may mga nagdrowing pa, iisa lang ang pinupunto, na tayong mga manggagawang Pinoy, ay tapat sa trabaho, sa pamilya at sa bayan, masipag, hindi nakakalimot, laging handang magsakripisyo, at walang takot sa pagsuong sa anumang dagok ng bawat pakikipagsapalaran. Lahat ng kuwentong inilahad ay naglalarawan sa kung ano ba talagang buhay meron tayong mga pinoy sa ibang bansa, kung gaano kasaya at nag eenjoy sa bawat sahod na 12 beses lang nmn ngyayari sa loob ng isang taon, gaano kalungkot, kailan dumadating ang homesick, kung paanong nagtitiis sa mga amo at amoy ng mga katrabaho, hanggang kailan magsisinungaling sa pagsasabi sa pamilya sa pinas na ok at ayos lang kahit ang totoo ay nahihirapan na talaga. Kung OFW ka, sigurado ako, makakarelate ka, at kung may kaunti ka ng naipundar na pagmamahal sa bayan, hawakan mo ang iyong dibdib at mararamdaman mo, may maliit na kung anong kumakalmot d'yan sa tapat ng iyong puso.

Dito din sa peba, narealize ko na ang aking di naman kalakihang dirhams na walang sablay kong ipinapadala sa pamilya ko sa Pilipinas ay hindi lang pala sa kanila napupunta. Hindi man direkta, lumalawak ang naaabot ng bawat salapi na 'un, mula sa mga bayarin ng pangunahing bilihin, eskwelahan at ospital, pagawaing bayan at oo, kahit nga naman sahod ng mga kurakot sa Pilipinas."

Recently, we come across a website about OFW with several blogs. One of the entries is entitled "Newbee in London" a story about his/her travel and eventually his/her life in London. At the end of the post there was a "PEBA Nominee Banner". He/she's even asking to click the logo/banner to vote for him/her in PEBA. It's really amusing. It's elating to know people are supporting PEBA but there are a few technicalities in this entry and PEBA is sorry we can't simply accept it for now as an entry, unless he/she will edit it.

First, there is no profile, location or contact info in his site.

Second, we are not notified via email regarding the entry.

Third, there is no visible archive or we have no knowledge how long the blog exist.

So OFWBLOG, sorry, but for now, your entry cannot be included in the poll widget.

Also with this blog OFW EMPOWERMENT that displayed a PEBA NOMINEE banner.

On the other news, there are three big bloggers recently nominated in PEBA and still waiting for their entries.

SAM JUAN, the winner of the 2008 Philippin Blog Awards for OFW Bloggers

Barrio Siete and Reyna Elena


©2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is a post to the nominees of the 2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards global search.

"During the final round and judging period the 2009 PEBA Selection Committee will request nominees to accomplish a survey form. The committee will then evaluate nominees based on the following criteria:"

1) Content 30%

2) Blog Element 15 %

3) Visibility/Metrics 15 %

4) Voting/Popularity 10%

5) Judges Vote 15%

6) Entry Blog Post 15%

Let us bear in mind that each criteria is essential. Do not be so preoccupied by the poll, there will be a Popular Blog Award, but winning a popular vote doesn't guarantee that you'll be included in the 2009 TOP 10 PINOY EXPATS/OFW BLOG AWARDS. From the previous experience we can learn and will serve as a lesson, where the highest polled nominee is not even included in the TOP 10 Winners.

Let me share with you some tips.

1. CONTENT - hindi lang po ito content ng entry, kundi ang buong laman mismo ng inyong blog. Hindi po ibig sabihin that you posted an entry and its done. To be included in the Top 10 means you will have to continue to live the ideals, or blog the ideals, that is to continue to be the best, funny, witty, informative,or inspiring blog.


What are Blog Elements? Let me share you some.

7 Blog Elements That Form First Impressions

1. Make sure your blog has a sharp colour combination.

2. Make sure you use good readable fonts.

3. Un-clutter your blog. Remove all the frivolous elements that don’t assist your blog readers.

4. Make sure the first screen of your blog looks fabulous. Work on your logo and header so that they match the emotion you want from your readers.

5. Spend more time on your headlines. Your headline will put the readers in the right frame of mind.

6. Use good looking images in your blog post. Because good images quickly create a positive mind frame.

7. Start your blog post with a bang. Don’t hide your main point in the middle of the post. Start with it.


How sociable are you? Is your blog post causing a tiny ripple or a big splash? The ideal way to have a better outreach is to join KABLOGS HANGOUT STATION, and a wider reach out in MYBLOGLOG and BLOG CATALOG, among others.


It is only 10% of the over-all criteria, do not be so obsessed of gaining votes that you forget some of the better and more important elements. I just mentioned the first 3 above. Focus on them, and you'll be fine.


The judges, 10-12 of them will be picking their own top 10 and each will be tallied and collated. For example, the 2008 winner, Writing on Air by Jim Paredes was voted 7 times to the top 10 by the 2008 judges, Pansitan ni Ate Sienna 6 times, and The Sandbox 4 times to the Top 10. The judges like blogs that are funny, witty, informative, inspiring and even beyond the contemporary ways of blogging, political or critical, depends on how you present your blog. Kaya suggestion ko, makeover ng mga site, keep it clean and good to the eyes.


Dito magkakatalo, and I am sure mahihirapan ang mga judges sa ganda ng mga post niyo. You still have time to edit it until October 2009.

Please be reminded that we will be choosing the Top 10 winners for the 2009, plus we will be choosing 2009 No. 1 in every regions that are divided into 4 areas.





plus several citations and special awards like

Best Video, Best Music, Best Photo, Best Blog Theme

Goodluck sa lahat and suportahan po natin ang PEBA. Follow niyo po sa ibaba ang blog na ito. Maraming salamat!

©2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

Friday, July 10, 2009

Trident® Gum and US Based SinuateMedia Might Sponsor PEBA

Last week, Andrew Sinclair of Sinuate Media an online marketing company base in Baltimore, Maryland USA sent me an email about their client, Trident® Gum new release campaign

"A Little Piece of Happy"

In this campaign, Trident has released a few interesting video clips that depict situations that make people happy. Even through these tough times, chewing a piece of Trident gum is like experiencing “a little piece of happy”; it will remind you that a little piece of happiness is always waiting, whenever you need it.

Andrew thought that me and you, my dear friends and visitors from around the world would be interested in watching the videos and so he shared them.

Now, Andrew there are hundreds of millions of blog out there, but emailing the Thoughtskoto regarding this gives us a feeling of warmth, "a little piece of happiness" to borrow that Trident phrase I never thought it will eventually leads to something much, much better, and so I am giving you a full plugging here along with the Trident and Sinuate Media, because I am very kind, lols! I mean, because how kind of you to reply back and offer to be one of PEBA's sponsor.

Me and my wife and our one year old tot watched the videos, and we wanted to share 3 videos for you to view them. We all wanted to be happy, if watching a video, several seconds each of them for free could make you laugh, then this will prevent some wrinkles, give a breathing space out of work pressures, or some challenges so insurmountable at the moment.

As Andrew said,

"If your next ten minutes are a little happier, then maybe this will spread to your whole hour. And if your hour is happier, watch out day!"

Our Top 3 favorite Videos


GO Dad!


The 3 videos above are symbolism to us of the joy that comes from an innocence of a child, the love that can be found in a parent-kid relationship, and the wisdom and simple joy we see in our grandparents. In short, it all speaks about one word - FAMILY.

HAPPINESS that can be found in having a loving and strong family. I don't know if Sinuate Media or Trident have seen that, but we do and we like them, and so we share them to you.

But it didn't end there. As a pre-gift prior to the actual PEBA sponsorship package which I hope will materialize, Andrew along with Trident is offering freebies, some gift packages to those who can share the videos or embed in their blogsites.

All you have to do is email us or for your entry link and home address after you posted the videos that you like, and they will mail or ship you a gift pack! How about that?

Get the videos at the link above.

I suggest, you send them address of your loveones in the Philippines.

PEBA is dedicated in honoring the best and inspiring Filipino blogs around the world, so expect that during the awarding night, we will all be chewing Trident Gum's!

Simultaneous post to PEBA, KABLOGS and Thoughtskoto

©2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards


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