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Saturday, February 5, 2011


OFW and Expats homecoming or popularly called "BalikBayan" is a not just a classical journey of an OFW to his hometown but rather it is a homecoming beyond emotions. For every returning "Balikbayan Pinoy" is a fulfillment of his promise that he will return to his family and native land filled with stories of success from his battles overseas. For each homecoming, the nation benefits from each balikabayan family gatherings as they fill the super malls, fine restaurants, resorts and theme parks with each spendings promote tourism, investments and creates job opportunities to our kababayan in the Philippines.

Thus, the PEBA 2011 Organizing Committee has conceptualized this year's theme "Pagbabalikbayan Tungo sa Pagkakaisa at Kaunlaran" which aims to raise the conciousness not only of our Pinoy OFWs and Expats, but the entire Filipino people all over the world that Balikbayan is not just as poignant voyage and reunion of flesh and blood but it is a renewal of love; brings new hopes; drives tourism & investments and raises the spirit of nationalism.

PEBA also pins its hopes through the power of blogs to institute change in the Government policy that will provide a real and effective program with a clear implementing  guidelines that will benefit our OFW kababayans on the reintegration of our distressed OFWs and the influx of thousands of OFWs from Iraq and Afghanistan that will be coming home full of uncertainties as they will soon be joining the oceans of unemployed souls in our country.

Compose a brief, catchy slogan or tagline to popularize PEBA 2011 theme concept on "Coming Home Towards Solidarity and Progress" ("Pagbabalikbayan Tungo Pagkakaisa at Kaunlaran")

Entries are now accepted to the Slogan/Tagline competition. These must capture and convey the theme of "Pagbabalikbayan Tungo Pagkakaisa at Kaunlaran" ("Coming Home Towards Solidarity and Progress")

1. Who May Join: All Kablogs members (OFW Bloggers and Non-OFW Supporters) either currently residing in or outside the Philippine Archipelago that displays the Kablogs banner/logo on his sidebar. New bloggers must display the Kablogs Logo/Banner in their blogsite sidebars to automatically qualify them in this contest.

2. The slogan must be in both English and Filipino (conversely translated) with a short explanation

3. How to Join: Entry and accompanying explanation must be posted in the comment box below.

4. The slogan must convey its message based on its relevance to the PEBA 2011 concept and to revolve on the recommended words/tagline as follows: 


However, it does not require that entries to literally adopt or use these tag words in the slogan making but rather to serve as word references only.

5. There is no limit to the number of entries that a blogger can submit.

6. Participating bloggers who has posted their entries on the comment box must ensure that they have properly linked their blogsite accordingly for verification requirement on Step 1.

7. Please make sure that the slogans/taglines is not more than 80 characters long (including spaces and functuation marks) on each language slogan.

   example: Filipinos Abroad - Hope of the Nation, Gift to the World (56 characters)

                 Pinoy Expats/OFW – Pag-asa ng Bayan, Handog sa Mundo (52 characters)

8. There will only be one winner. If there will be a duplication on entries received (two identical entries send by two different persons), it shall be credited to the participant who has posted the earlier entry.

9. The winner will win prizes of a gift packs of Smart Plug and Talk and Books and Tote Bag from Book Divas.

10. Criteria for judging: relevance to the theme, clarity and impact as a slogan, catchiness and originality. The Board of Judges will be composed of the PEBA Core Group.

11. The deadline of posting entries will be at midnight of February 21, 2011 (Manila time).

12. Winner will be announced on March 01, 2011.

What are you waiting for? Let us join now and may this Season serve as a reunion of bloggers across the globe - let the PEBA 2011 opening countdown begins.

©2010 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards


Bhing on February 5, 2011 8:16 PM said...

come join us!

Ion Man on February 5, 2011 10:01 PM said...

Pilipinas! Di pa tayo tapos... babalikan kita!
Phillipines, I shall return!

(non-origs, pero may sipa)
just so to say that an ofw's commitment, heart and future remains in the philippines - na sa hinaba-haba man ng paglalagi mo sa ibang bansa, may plano ka pang gawin sa pinas pagbalik mo, may dala-dala ka pa ring vision na sa pilipinas mo lang nakikitang magaawa mo, bilang balikbayang may puso

Ion Man on February 5, 2011 10:03 PM said...

pilipinas, di pa tayo tapos! babalikan kita!
philippines, i shall return...


just so to say that an ofw's commitment, heart and future remains in the philippines - na sa hinaba-haba man ng paglalagi mo sa ibang bansa, may plano ka pang gawin sa pinas pagbalik mo, may dala-dala ka pa ring vision na sa pilipinas mo lang nakikitang magaawa mo, bilang balikbayang may puso

non-orig lines, pero striking. may conviction, may karakter

RICO DE BUCO on February 10, 2011 11:15 AM said...

Walang Katulad ang Saya ng Balikbayang Pinoy,Sa Pamilyang Nanabik na Naghihintay.

There's nothing compare to the joy of a Pinoy Expats/OFW's to a Family who Patiently Waits for their Return.

- all the longingness and the tenderness of the heart from being away abroad are all washed away with joy from seeing the families who patiently wait for their loveone's return.

The Pope on February 12, 2011 12:41 AM said...

"Mga Bayaning Nagbabalikbayan ang nagbibigkis na pusod sa Lahing Pilipino sa kanyang Bayang Sinilangan"

"The Heroes Homecoming is an umbilical chord that binds the Filipino Race to its Country of Birth"

- the homecoming of Expats and OFWs is a symbolism of nationalism, an symbolic act of renewing our tie with our country of birth, to our roots and families - just like saying, this is where I came from, this is where I belong.

Archeoz on February 13, 2011 10:03 PM said...

"Love to the Family,
Hope for the Family,
Heroes of the Country"

"Pagmamahal sa Pamilya,
Pag-asa para sa Pamilya,
Bayani ng Bansa"

Dahil sa pagmamahal sa pamilya, tinitiis nating mga ofw ang makipagsapalaran sa ibang bansa. Baon ang kanilang pagmamahal at pag-asa. Makabagong bayani ng ating bansa.

Jhiegzh on February 14, 2011 5:39 AM said...

Myutwalismong Relasyon ng Balikbayan at Gobyerno, Hakbang Tungo Sa Pag-asenso

Mutualism Relation of EXPATS and Government,
A Step Towards Betterment

Before I will have my explanation behind my slogan, let me define first the word mutualism.
If you are thinking if this word connects in your Biology subject then you are correct!

Mutualism - An interaction between two species that benefits both.


What are the benefits, the Philippine government can get from EXPATS?
- paglago ng turismo (may mga EXPATS na in the end magkaasawa ng foreigner and they encourage them to visit Philippines); sending dollars/euros in the Philippines (EXPATS who are working in countries who have stronger currencies than Philippines peso can help Philippine government in spending this amount to projects and development; etc.

What are the benefits an EXPAT can get from the Philippines government?
- programs and projects which aim for security, social well being and integrated support services to EXPATS such as Pag-IBIG Overseas Program, Philhealth’s Overseas Workers Program, OWWA and Microsoft’s Tulay Project, GSIS Expanded Bahay Ko Program (EBKP) etc.

But in case of OFW-returnees, we have this reintegration programs for them.

So, knowing the benefits, both (Philippine government and EXPATS) can get from each other or this mutualism relationship between them will surely a big step directs to development.

Jhiegzh on February 15, 2011 4:57 AM said...

Pinoy Expats: Bayaning Karapat-dapat na Tularan at Pasalamatan

Filipinos Abroad: Eligible Heroes To Emulate and To Thank For

Why we should emulate Pinoy EXPATS?
As a young individual, my thoughts go to all Filipino workers who bequeath their 100% effort to provide a better life for their families. I know, it is doleful to see families broken and pulled apart, but I know it is done everything out of necessity. And even they experienced abused verbally, physically and sexually on their work, they still work hard and sacrifice for the sake of their families. They endured everything, the hardships and homesickness just to make their dreams come true. An attitude; a value that we should emulate as a Filipino!

Why we should bequeath thanks to Pinoy EXPATS?
The money they earned from their work abroad is a big help not just to their own families but also to our country. Indeed, their income is one of the things that feed the Philippine economy and keep it adrift specially in times of economic crisis.

Indeed, Pinoy EXPATS are heroes in their own families as well in our country.

The Pope on February 16, 2011 1:02 PM said...

Heroes Homecoming Bringing Love, Solidarity, Hope and Progress to a Nation of Champions.

Mga Bayaning Nagbabalik-Bayan Hatid ay Pag-Ibig, Pagkakaisa, Pag-asa at Kaunlaran sa Bayan ng mga Dakila.

The OFWs and Migrant Workers homecoming is not an ordinary journey of souls from various countries abroad to his family in the Philippines, but it is an emotional journey of souls thousands of miles across the world bringing with them enormous love in fulfilment of their promise - "Babalik Ako", their reunion with their love ones brings reunification with its "Brown Race", the modern technology & new learned things on arts and sciences adopted from progressive countries and the charitable acts being shared by returning "Heroes" brings new hopes to the Filipino people and the spendings of "Balikbayans" with their families as they filled giant malls, theme parks, beaches, restos perk up tourism industries, generate more jobs are signs of progress contributions of returning OFWs, but most important is that their return TO OUR homeland is an affirmation that they belong to the Nation of Heroes - the PHILIPPINES.

Jhiegzh on February 21, 2011 5:22 AM said...

Pinoy Balikbayan: Kami sa inyo'y nagpupugay
Sa tamis na dulot ng inyong tagumpay

Filipino Home-comers: We salute you all
For the sweetness caused by your success

Filipinos work abroad to toil a better future for their families in their homeland. And even they are working for foreign companies/families, they go back home to rejoice their success with their loved ones.

And one thing more, they go home not just because for their families, but for the love of country (patriotism/nationalism).

And I salute them for what they did, they're heroes indeed! They lift up their status of living and also the Philippine economy.

Jhiegzh on March 1, 2011 6:50 PM said...

Who won the contest? Have a blessed week to all PEBA team!

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