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Friday, December 3, 2010

Let's Go Back to the Basic

Perhaps one of the best lessons for the last 3 years that we been doing this contest was that, there will be winners, and non winners.

We have been considerate during the nomination process and the finals, but when the judges results starts arriving, and the tedious, and tasking collaboration and collating starts, we will go back to the criteria and guidelines where we all started.

Walang kaibigan, walang kamag-anak. Criteria and Guidelines matters.

Please try to read the following page again:

1.b) Blog posts (other than the entry post) includes the life of Filipinos abroad, and must promote peace and goodwill.

1.c) Blog posts should be the source of inspiration and hope for Filipinos.

1.d) Blog posts should enrich the culture and heritage of the Philippines and the Filipino people

1.e) At least 6 months presence in the blogging world with at least one post per month.

3.e) The blog entry will be one of the basis for the over all scoring. The 2010 PEBA pre-screening committee shall judge the blog entry using the following criteria for evaluation:
Form – 20%
Substance – 50%
Originality – 30%

3.f) After posting an entry, and approval from PEBA, a nominated blog should contain the Nominee Banner Logo of the 2010 PEBA on their blog

3.g) A nominated blogger should only have one blog entered for the award, multiple blogs for a single blogger is discouraged.

3.h) During the final round and judging period the 2010 PEBA Selection Committee will send those finalist a new "Finalist Banner" and request finalists to accomplish a survey form. The judges will then evaluate nominees based on the following criteria:

1) Content 30%
 2) Blog Element 15 %
3) Visibility/Metrics 15 %
4) Voting/Popularity 10% (voting poll/no. of comments)
5) Judges Vote 15%
6) Entry Blog Post 15%

As an advocacy group, PEBA value integrity and put honesty on top of our mission, this is because we believe that all OFWs should keep their integrity to be able to bring pride to themselves and our country.

©2010 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards


DALISAY on December 12, 2010 1:46 AM said...

Thanks PEBA! :)

DALISAY on December 13, 2010 8:09 AM said...

Kapag natuloy ako sa abroad next year sasali ako. Choz!!! ahaha

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